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aww~ poor lu-ge. >.<

aww~ my sweet huangzi~ >///< protecting his hyung~ :”’> <3

ugh! that stage tho >.< tch!

Chanyeol, Lay and Sehun for :’>LLE MEN Fashion Magazine Hong Kong September 2014 issue.

your messy hair bbhun~ ugh, why so sexy? >.<

cr. deviantyouth (weibo)

Zhang Li Yin - 爱的独白 Agape M/V

EXO’s Official Fan Club, EXO-L

We Are ONE. We Are EXO-L~ :”’> 

Sehun for Grazia Magazine

Sehun ღ˘⌣˘ღ

Baekhyun for Nature Republic ♡

Lay and the things he does with his lips. (๑>ᴗ<๑)


hi~ it’s been a while. omg~ i really miss posting reaction posts. >.<
thanks for the request anon~ sorry for the veeery late publish >.<
sooo many things been coming up lately plus lots and lots of school work. >.<  hope you’re still interested.. here you go.. Enjoy~ :’>


Chanyeol: *excitedly welcomes them like a kid*


Xiumin: /peephole/"It’s your Minseok hyung, Channie~ Hi~"


Luhan: So uhm.. *where the hell is the face?*  yeaah! i brought something for youu~ This!”


Krisyeol: ”Ayo wassuuupp~?!”



Suho: *greets him with an open arms and a warm smile *


Lay: *waves at Chanyeol and his roommates*


Baekhyun: "Channie~ I miss youuuu~"   died from his cuteness for god-knows-how-many-times-already


Chen: *trolls Chanyeol as soon as he enters the house* "Surprise bish"


D.O Kyungchansoo: *hugs Chanyeol and leans his head on his back*


Taoris:  *greets him with a hug*


Kai: "Weee~ this’ll be fun~"  *tried to behave but ended up giggling*  aww~ you cutie jongin :’>


Sehun: "I’m here now hyung.."



Hope you enjoyed it! :’>

EXO will have a new variety show, where they will meet senior singers, starting with Shinhwa to be boys’ first guest.

It’s set to be broadcasted in early August. 

The show’s format will be EXO eating with meeting all the sunbae of the music industry.

According to multiple sources, Exo and Shinhwa will have first 2 episodes, and finished recording on set in Gayangdong on the 24th of July. 

Although It’s rumored to be called “Legend”, the final/official title wasn’t stated yet as well as channel to air it.

It will be aired from August 15th ‘til October 31st every Friday on 10pm KST with total amount of 12 episodes.



kyaaaa~ omg i’m supeer excited already~ 
ugh bbs~ you never fail to surprise me.. keke~ :”>

EXO-K at M!Countdown 10th year Special.

ugh >///< bb sehun’s piercing eyes~ :”’>

Squishysoo at “It’s Okay, It’s Love” trailer 

ugh~ these maknaes are killing meee~ >.< 

140711 EXO-M Chen for “The Celebrity” Magazine July Issue

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