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Yo maaan~
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  • I feel so good!
  • Unbelievable!
  • So wanna see me? Call me.
  • No! No! No!
  • Come here, come here, come here~
  • Yo baby~
  • Sorry, sorry
  • Wassup! Hello everybody.
  • I don’t know man.
  • Yo man~

Lulu bae~ ♥

Happy 23rd birthday Zhang Yixing! (10.7.1991)

Lay, is there anything you can’t do? :”> Dancing, Singing, Composing songs, writing lyrics, Self-learned instruments (Piano & Guitar).. you’re definitely an ARTIST. ♡

Happy Birthday to our healing Unicorn Lay~! I really am glad I got to know someone like you. Someone who is very kind and beyond sweet and really respectful to the people around him. Someone who loves and cherishes his family and fans as much as they love and cherish him. I admire how you always try to show your gratitude and love towards the fans with every thing that you do. And we know how hardworking you are and how you do your best in everything you do and that is something we will always look up to. You are such an inspiration to all of us. But please, don’t forget to take care of yourself. We can see how you work so hard, and your perseverance will always amaze us. This year has been tough on you guys. And even if you guys went through a hard time, you always still work hard and keep on showing your love towards your fans, and for that I am so proud of you. I wish you all the best in life and that you may achieve your dreams because you deserve them. Ilysm Zhang Yixing ♥ EXO Saranghaja!

"This is written for the friends on Weibo, thank you for your attention, and your support for me. Thank you for always cheering us on. Because of you guys, we as EXO continue to grow. I hope that everyone can walk together with us for the infinite next 100 days from now on. You guys are the best. For you guys, I will give my everything." - Lay/Zhang Yixing (Birthday: October 7, 1991)

Baekhyun Solo — My Turn to Cry

"From May until now, we wouldn’t have been able to carry out the concerts so perfectly without EXO’s fans and all the staff who’s been working hard to support us from behind the scenes. Finally, EXO’s 10 members, I am so thankful to you and I love you so much. Please be happy and do the things you want to do~ These are my top wishes (for you). EXO-L짱! You are the best." - EXO Tao

Happy birthday Chen~! No matter how big of a troll you are, you are caring so much towards the fans. And that’s what we love about you. I actually love you being the troll in EXO. How you can make us happy, that’s what makes you special. Not only that, but your powerful voice is definitely amazing. I also love how mature you are, and how you also show your childish side occasionally, which we find very amusing. Learning a different language sure is hard, and that’s what I admire most about you. You work so hard to reach your dreams. And you have achieved a lot so far, from activities with EXO and your solo activities. You truly have come so far and I only wish that you’ll continue to receive such great things because you deserve them. Many more birthdays to come and my best wishes to you and EXO~! Saranghaja~ ♥

Lay being sexy and cute in his solo~ (´∀`人) 

Top model Miranda Kerr is receiving attention after she began following EXO member Sehun’s Instagram account on September 18. It is known amongst fans that Sehun has previously mentioned Miranda Kerr as his ideal type numerous times in the past, through interviews and such.

Although Sehun only follows his fellow group members on SNS now, he initially followed the model when he first created his account. Knowing all of this, EXO fans are currently leaving greetings and messages of thanks in English on Miranda Kerr’s Instagram account.

After finding out that the world famous model is following the EXO member, many people are wondering how she came to know of Sehun and if there is a possibility of interaction between them on SNS in the future.

Congratulations may be in order for Sehun, as his ideal type is now one of his many followers on Instagram!
cr: Soompi

Member that is closest to your ideal type (if he’s a girl)

Chanyeol: D.O~ I like cute girl so, i like D.O. 
I admire Kai but I like D.O. If he’s a girl I mean..

imageaww Channie~ I feel you man! I mean, who wouldn’t fall for this squishy little cutiepie~ :”’>

you precious thing~!  

Lay - Fly to the sky’s “Missing you” MV Remake

Director Boo Ji Young talked about working with Kyungsoo at the Q&A after world premiere screening of Cart.

- Dir. Boo Ji Young of Cart asked Kyungsoo to do the script reading three times, found that he followed directions well and improved.
- Dir. Boo Ji Young of Cart said that Kyungsoo was very polite, focused, quiet at first.
- Dir. Boo Ji Young said it was fantastic to work with Kyungsoo.
- Last question someone asked her what it was like working with Kyungsoo.
- She said she had no idea who he or EXO were until her assistant manager mentioned him as a possible addition to the cast.
- She searched him online and thought he was good-looking but also childlike.
- She said it’s the trend to hire idols so she wanted to be part of the trend so she gave him a chance.
- When meeting him he was different from her expectation because he was quiet and serious.
- She made him go through dialogue with her multiple times because he didn’t meet her expectation the first time.
- She said that being an idol who is good at singing maybe he wasn’t exposed to acting but he was very hardworking and diligent and followed her directions well and every time he went through the script he improved so she casted him because she saw his potential.
- Basically working with Kyungsoo was a good experience. She really likes him and he works hard.
- He’s good at playing a moody teenager. Very good acting though obviously not as animated and expressive as when he’s Kang Woo (IOIL).
- The director actually said he is known in this movie as actor Do Kyungsoo and referred him as Kyungsoo till the end.

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